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Chapter Information and Deadlines

Click here for the Chapter Regent's Manual.


The Arkansas State Society Yearbook is your chapter guide. The chapter recording secretary needs a copy of her own. In fact, all chapter officers and committee chairmen should have one. Read it, study it, and follow it TO THE LETTER. At the front of each yearbook are “Dates to Remember,” “Chapter Responsibilities,” and “Chapter Calendar and Deadlines.” Prepare a chapter calendar and include on it state conference and national conference dates, state and national board of management meetings, deadlines for chapter responsibilities. Copy the calendar for every chapter member with responsibilities listed in the yearbook.

The yearbook and the bylaws published within identify the responsibilities of each chapter officer or chapter committee chairman, the deadlines and dates for those responsibilities, and the state or national officer or chairman to whom you send reports, records, or information as part of your responsibilities. Follow the responsibilities as stated in the front of the yearbook. Once printed, copies of your chapter yearbook are sent to the State Regent, State Roster Chairman, State Registrar, and your District Director.

Be sure that your chapter complies with these responsibilities and deadlines so you can gain the recognition and awards you work so hard to achieve and accomplish.


Send a copy of your Chapter Yearbook each year, as soon as printed, to:
1. State Regent
2. State Vice Regent
3. State Registrar
4. State Recording Secretary
5. Your District Director

Send completed Chapter Officer Forms by May 15th each year to:
1. Organizing Secretary General
2. State Corresponding Secretary
3. State Regent
4. State Recording

Send your Chapter Chairmen List with addresses each year by July 15th to:
1. State Corresponding Secretary

Your Chapter Chaplain notifies State Chaplain Immediately (using Chapter Chaplain’s Report Form):
1. Upon the death of a member
2. The names of members who will reach their 90th birthday within the year
3. Any address changes for members age 90 and over

Your Chapter Registrar sends State Registrar (using State Registrar’s instructions for each such incident, sending as it occurs):
1. Membership cards and Roster Sheets for each new member (By application, transfer or reinstatement)
2. Roster Sheets for each approved supplemental
3. Membership Change Form, when applicable

Your Chapter Parliamentarian sends State Parliamentarian:
1. Revised Chapter Bylaws anytime they are changed.


- Send Christmas money for DAR Schools to State Treasurer

November 1
- American Indian Scholarship Applications for Spring Term to Office of Committees
- Notify State Regent of Pages who will atttend Continental Congress, giving her names, addresses, chapters, birth dates, national numbers, and D.C. hotels for each.

November 5
- Chapter nomination for Outstanding Teacher of American History to State Historian

Before December 1
- Chapter Treasurer: Send National and State dues to State Treasurer Dues must be postmarked by
December 1.
- Chapter Treasurer: Send all Chapter Achiievement Award monies to State Treasurer by December 1.

December 1
- Send Chapter DAR Good Citizen winning essays to State Chairman
- Send State Outstanding Junior Contest appplications to State Chairman

December 31
- Send Genealogical Records to the State Chairman

- Elect delegates and alternates to State Conference
- Elect delegates and alternates to Continnental Congress
- Elect delegates and alternates to Distriict Meeting (Four per chapter)

January 1
- Notify State Page Chairman of Pages to State Conference

January 10
- Send American History Essay Winners to State Chairman
- Send Resolutions to State Chairman

January 15
- Send American Heritage Contest Entries too State Chairman
- Send JAC Entries to State Chairman
- Send DAR Scholarship Applications to Staate Chairman

February 1
- Send Master Questionnaires to State Regent and to State Corresponding Secretary
- Send Chapter Achievement Forms (Nationall and State) to State Chairman
- Send Chapter Registrar’s Report Forms too State Registrar
- Send DAR Magazine Advertisements and monney for State-Sponsored September/October issue to National Office
- Send Motion Picture, Radio and Televisioon National Award Nominations to State Chairman

February 7
- Send Narrative Chapter Report, 400 words or LESS (typed, single-spaced, and do not use all capitals) to: State Regent, Your District Director, and to State Recording Secretary

February 15
- Send Flag of the USA Chapter Reports to State Chairman
- Conference Credentials Forms returned too District Conference Chairman hosting Conference

March 1
- Send Narrative State Officer and Committee Chairman Report 400 words or LESS (typed, double-spaced, and don’t use all capitals) to: State Regent and State Recording Secretary. From this prepare a two-minute oral presentation for State Conference

April 1
- State Committee Chairmen send reports to the South Central Division National Vice Chairmen

April 15
- Women in American History Project reports go to State American History Committee Chairman

May 1
- Credentials and Pre-registration forms returned to National and to State Regent for Continental Congress
- Chapter Regents: Send Best National Defeense Editorial entries to National Defense Chairman

May 15
- Send a list of members planning to attend Continental Congress to State Regent (include hotel in D.C.)

July 1
- Chapter Treasurers, Club Treasurers, and District Treasurers send Financial Reports from previous year to State Treasurer
- American Indian Scholarship Application deadline for fall term to Office of the National Committee July 15
- Send Chapter Chairmen List with addressees to State Corresponding Secretary.

*Dates are subject to change by NSDAR or ASDAR

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