Humphrey Beckett Tomlinson

Humphrey Beckett Tomlinson served in the Revolutionary War in 2nd Co, Upper Batt., Montgomery Co.,MD Militia, commanded by Col. Zadock Magruder as a Pvt. This has been certified by the Maryland Historical Society on 12/21/1937. He is also found in the NSDAR Patriot Index. From Maryland and Delaware Revolutionary Patriots,1775-1783 Military Records Montgomery Co.,MD, Rev. Patriots Listings, page 325

"TOMLINSON, Humphrey Beckett (1744-1825)was a private, 2nd Co., Upper Bn., Militia, Aug.30, 1777(Ref:M-193).
He took the Oath of Allegiance before the Hon. Elisha Williams on March 2, 1778 (Ref:T-3:80,L-1:45)
"Humphrey Beckett Tomlinson" lived in Sugar Loaf Hd. (three taxables) in 1777 (Ref:R-31:11)

'Humphrey Beckett Tomlinson', son of Hugh Tomlinson and Johanna Beckett, was born on Nov. 14 or 24, 1744 in Frederick Co.,MD. He was married thrice:(1) Tabitha Wheat, dau. of John Wheat;(2)Susannah Davis, widow of Benjamin Davis; and (3) Cassandra (Ellis) Summers, widow of William Summers and dau. of Samuel Ellis.
Humphrey's children included John (1768-1848), William, Sarah, Mary, Wiley, and Notley (who changed the name to 'Tomlin' after his father's death).
In 1787 Humphrey bought a plantation on Rocky Creek in Rowan Co.,NC, having been prededed there by his younger brother Hugh Tomlinson,Jr. (Ref.DAR-I:682 and Henry C. Peden's Marylanders to Carolina(1994),page 184)."
1787: Humphrey Beckett Tomlinson bought a plantation from Joshua Ellis on Rocky Creek above present-day Turnersburg Twp. in Rowan Co.,NC near his younger brother, Hugh, Jr.'s 250 acres purchased in 1783. This area became part of Iredell Co.,NC when it was created in 1788 and occupies an area known as the "Claude A. Tomlin Plantation".

Will of Humphrey Beckett Tomlinson

March 1, 1825, Iredell Co.,NC: (NC Will Book 2, page 24)

Left son William 20 shillings, as "he has got his part of my estate".
To daughter Sarah Long, negro girl Cate.
To dau. Polly Gill, negor girl Sal.
To dau. Betsey Cowan, negro girl Sarah, if she is willing to go to Tennessee. If not, she would be sold and money would go to Sarah and Polly.
To son Archibald, negro Silus..and Wesley at wife's death.
To son Willey, 1/3 of land and 1/2 of wife's 1/3 at his wife's death. Also, at wife's death, 1/2 of wagons and gear.
To Willey's children, negro girl Nance "with all her increase" after wife's death.
To wife, whatever increase from Mace until wife's death.
To son Notley, negro Sim and 1/3 of land and 1/2 of wife's 1/3 at her death. Mare, a cow, a calf, bed, furniture, his workshop, bedroom in the piazza, 1/2 of wife's stock at her death.
To son Humphrey, negro boy, Nelson.
To son Leonard, girl, Vera at wife's death.
To son John, girl Caroline and a shotgun at wife's death.
To son George, 20 shillings.
To son-in-law Alexander Reids children by his daughter, 20 shillings.
Negro boy Sim and girl Nance to be hired out at wife's death for one to be divided among Hugh's children, then to persons named. To wife, her saddle and bridle & furniture that belongs to the Loom.
All household goods and furniture to sons Notley and Willy at wife's death.
Witnessed by Amos Sharpe and Abner F. Caldwell.
The will was certified in Iredell Co by C.G. Smith, Clerk of Superior Court in the Co. and State aforesaid to be a true and correct copy of the will of Humphrey B. Tomlinson, as compared to records in the office and recorded in Will Book 2, page 24....June 21, 1954.

Marriage #1 Tabitha Wheat b: 15 FEB 1744/45 in Prince George Co.,MD
They married about 1764 in Prince George Co,MD
Their child was John (Jacky) Tomlinson b: 12 SEP 1768 in Frederick Co.,MD

Marriage #2 Susannah Davis b: ABT. 1760
In the Prerogotive Court Records; 1763-1766; (Libers 81-90); page 106;
Benjamin Davis will: July 28, 1775 (7.27 D FR 62.18.7) To widow, unamed; 1/3
Residue to 2 children, unamed, equally
Administratrix: Susanna Davis, now wife of Humphrey Bochet (Beckett) Tomlinson.

They married about 1775 and their children were: 1.William Tomlinson b: 1796 in Montgomery Co., Maryland
2.Sarah Tomlinson b: ABT. 1775
3.Betsey Tomlinson b: ABT. 1776
4.Archibald Tomlinson b: ABT. 1778
5.Wiley Tomlinson b: ABT. 1780
6.Mary Polly Tomlinson b: 16 JUL 1783
7.Leonard H. Tomlinson b: ABT. 1784
8.Hugh Tomlinson b: ABT. 1788
9.Margaret Tomlinson b: ABT. 1790
10.George Tomlinson b: ABT. 1792
11.Notley D. Tomlin b: ABT. 1798 in NC
12.Humphrey Wiley Tomlinson b: 1805 in NC
13.Grove Tomlinson b: 19 FEB 1790 in Iredell Co.,NC

Marriage #3 Cassandra Ellis b: ABT. 1756 They married after 1810.

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