State Information Packet (SIP)


Office Name State Information Packet
ASDAR Regent Gretchen Magee State Regent Document
Magee’s Theme, Scripture, and Symbol
ASDAR Vice Regent Gale Markley State Vice Regent Document
ASDAR Chaplain Patty Mitchell State Chaplain Document
ASDAR Recording Secretary Peggy Cara State Recording Secretary
ASDAR Corresponding Secretary Deena Reynolds State Corresponding Secretary
ASDAR Organizing Secretary Janice Duffy State Organizing Secretary
ASDAR Treasurer Charline Manning Chapter Treasurer Overview
Chapter Treasurer Guide
Chapter Treasurer Calendar
Chapter Treasurer Annual Remittance 2020/22
ASDAR State Dues Form 2020/22
NSDAR Chapter Dues Remittance Form
Set Up Direct Payment For Your Chapter
Honorarium Form 2020/22
Memorial Form 2020/2022
Chapter Treasurer Financial Report 2020-2022
Financial Review Committee Letter
ASDAR – Dues and Fees Collection Schedule 2020/22
Record Retention Guidelines
NSDAR DEV-1003 Donation Form
NSDAR – E-Membership Tutorials
Guidelines for Clubs & Districts 2020-2022
ASDAR Registrar Nonnie Carroll State Registrar Letter
ASDAR Historian Betsy Barnes State Historian Document 2020
ASDAR Librarian Lucy Cyphers State Librarian Document
ASDAR Parliamentarian Barbara Lewis Parliamentarian Document
National Committees
Committee Chairman State Information Packet
American Heritage Peggy Whitledge American Heritage Invite
American History Lyn Hicks American History Committee 2020-2022
American Indian Elizabeth Hill American Indian Committee 2020-2022
NSDAR Link-American Indian Committee
Americanism Pat McLemore Americanism Committee 2020-2022
NSDAR Committee Link – Americanism
Children of the American Revolution Cathy Carter Arkansas Society Children of the American Revolution
CAR State Conference Registration 2017 Form
Commemorative Events Angie Dennis Commemorative Events Committee Info 2020-2022
NSDAR Link – Commemorative Events
Preparing Commemorative Events Reports
Submission Form for Outstanding Chapter/State Report
50th Anniversary Vietnam War Commemorative Event Awards
DAR Entry Form 50th Vietnam War Commemoration
Vietnam Veterans Recognition Certificate
Community Classroom
___Vice Chair: Educational Resources
Mara Cawein
Judy Hile
Community Classroom Committee
Community Classroom-Chapter Success Story Form
NSDAR – Educational Resources Committee
Community Service Awards Carol Smith Community Service Awards Committee
NSDAR-Community Service Awards Committee
Conservation April Baily Conservation Committee Update-2020
Constitution Week Frances Rankin Constitution Week Committee
Constitution Week Proclamation
Constitution Week Materials
DAR Good Citizen Mendy Wright ASDAR Good Citizens Committee 2020-2021
Essay Administration Guidelines During COVID-19 Circumstances
DAR Good Citizens Order Form
DAR Good Citizen Chairman Directions
All forms and complete instructions from NSDAR (NIP)
DAR Magazine Janelle Riddle NSDAR Committee Link – DAR Magazine
DAR Museum Outreach Jane Thompson DAR Museum Outreach Committee
Correspondent Museum Docent Application 2020
DAR Project Patriot Glenda Downing DAR Project Patriot Committee
DAR Scholarship Robin Yates NSDAR – DAR Scholarship Committee
DAR Schools Belinda Jones DAR Schools Committee
DAR Service for Veterans Kathy Balkman (Little Rock)
Sandra Hillier (Fayetteville)
DAR Service for Veterans, Central Arkansas
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Service for Veterans – List Central Arkansas
Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks, Fayetteville
DAR Service for Veterans Awards Information for Chapters
DAR Service for Veterans Awards Nomination Form
DAR Service for Veterans Publicity Release Form
NSDAR Certificate for WWII Veterans template
CAVHS Occasional Volunteer Time Sheet with NSDAR
CAVHS Donation Form with NSDAR
CAVHS Needs List
The Flag of the United States of America MaraLou Spear Flag of the United States of America Committee
Flag Awards – Reporting Flag Activities
Historic Preservation
__Vice Chair: DAR Historic Preservation Grants
Barbara Cart
Kathy Boyette
Historic Preservation Committee
NSDAR Committee Link – Historic Preservation
DAR Historic Preservation Grants
Junior American Citizens Georgia McGill JAC Committee Important information
Junior American Citizens Committee 2020-2021
Literacy Promotion Stephanie Wade Literacy Promotion Committee
Literacy 2020 Contest Information
Literacy 2020 Outstanding Service Contest Entry Form
National Defense Christina McGaughey National Defense Committee 2020
National Defense Committee 2020 Project
National Defense Committee – Brochure 2020
Service to America Nancy Bartlett Service to America Committee 2020
Women’s Issues Marion Sibert Women’s Issues Committee
NSDAR- Women’s Issues Contest
National Genealogy Committees
Committee Chairman State Information Packet
America 250! Membership Task Force
Cheri Coley
America 250! Membership Task Force
Lineage Research Christina Twardowski Lineage Research Committee – Note 2019/2020
Lineage-Research Committee
Volunteer Genealogist Carol Miles Volunteer Genealogists Committee 2020
DAR Genealogy Preservation Aimee Henson DAR Genealogy Preservation Committee
Genealogical Records Georgia Estes NSDAR Committee Link – Genealogical Records
Patriot Records Project Frances Haverstick Patriot Records Project
National Administrative Committees
Committee Chairman Email
Chapter Achievement Awards Sharon Bode CAA Committee Note and Info
Updates to the 2020 Chapter Achievement Awards Form

2020 Chapter Checklist
2020 DAR Chapter Achievement Award Planning Guide
Chapter Development & Revitalization Rebecca VanPatten Smith Chapter Development and Revitalization Commission
DAR Leadership Training Committee
Members Course Coordinator     –      Caroline Carroll
New Horizons Course Coordinator –    Allison Holland
Overview: DAR Leadership Training Opportunities
New Horizons Course Participant Endorsement: Chapter Nomination Form
Members Course Flyer
New Horizons Course flyer
Link-NSDAR Member Training Committee
Insignia Frances Weathersby Insignia Committee
NSDAR Committee Link – Insignia
Junior Membership Samantha Stocker Junior Membership Committee 2020
2021 Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant Information
2021 Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant Application
Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant Flyer
Membership Kimberly Jones 2020 Membership Chairman
ASDAR District and Chapter Map
NSDAR – Membership Committee Mission
The Brightest Star Newsletternew-sign
President General’s Project Sandy Poore President General’s Project
Protocol Cindy Smith
Jayne Spear
State Protocol Committee
NSDAR Committee Link – Protocol
Public Relations and Media Jan Lusk Public Relations and Media Committee
Link-NSDAR Public Relations & Media
Volunteer Information Specialists
__Vice Chair – State Webmaster
__Vice Chair – Chapter Webmaster
__Vice Chair – Messaging
__Vice Chair – Social Media
Cynthia Clow-Elliott
Charline Manning
Susan King
Colleen Cook
Tammy Roberts
Taylor Newkirk Hays
State VIS Overview 2020
ASDAR Website Overview 2020
ASDAR Branded Email Request Form
National Special Committees
Committee Chairman State Information Packet
American 250! Bettie Ann Salzwedel America 250! Committee
NSDAR – American 250! Committee
State Standing Committees
Committee Chairman State Information Packet
Arkansas DAR Newsletter Jan Lusk ASDAR 2020-2022 Newsletter
Arkansas DAR Scholarship Robin Yates ASDAR Scholarship Application Forms
ASDAR Scholarship App Letter Chapter Regents & Scholarship Chair
DAR Bus Coordinator TBA NSDAR Continental Congress Bus Trip 2021
State Application Team (SAT) Charlotte Jeffers State Application Team (SAT)
ASDAR BOM Coordinator Vive Allen 2019 August BOM Meeting Info and Registration
DAR Room / Notepaper Jessie Johnson DAR Room / Notepaper
State DAR Speaker’s Staff Jane Millette Speakers Staff 2020-2021
State Regent’s Project Kate Schindler  STATE REGENT PROJECT ORDER FORM
Committee Chairman State Information Packet
50 Year Club Betsy Barnes 50 Year Club
Cameo Society Robin Yates, President Intro to Arkansas State Cameo Society
Cameo Society Application Fillable
Bylaws of the Cameo Society
Alpha & District & Chapter
State Officers Club Junelle Mongno, President State Officers Club Membership List and Bylaws

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