2020-2022 ASDAR State Treasurer

 Charline Manning


The State Treasurer receives the funds from the Arkansas Chapters and members.  She disburses these funds according to the Arkansas, National or Chapter requests following the authorization of the State Conference, the State Board of Management, or the Executive Committee.  All checks sent to the Arkansas Society should be made payable to ASDAR.  All checks should be written carefully and checked for accuracy.

All contributions and gifts for, ASDAR ProjectsState Regent’s Project, State Scholarships, DAR Room, specific VA Hospitals, C.A.R. Societies, Junior Membership, Dressing the Page, Page to Continental Congress, Good Citizen Awards, and Thompson (Records Storage) Project, go to the State Treasurer.

Additionally, all chapter contributions for President General’s Project and Chapter Achievement Awards must go to the State Treasurer, who, in turn, sends contributions to the Treasurer General.  By following this procedure, credit on state and national levels for Chapter Achievement Award is assured. Please be sure to designate the exact fund and the amount to be credited. Remember to use the special forms for specific contributions..

Each year the State Treasurer makes a report to State Conference, which includes the financial statements of general funds and additional supporting schedules of the Arkansas Society’s operations.  The financial statements are prepared following generally accepted accounting principles and are reviewed by the State Financial Review Committee

The SIP provides links to the forms the chapter, district, and club treasurers will need to complete all the aspects of financial record keeping and reporting.

As liaison for VIS committees, this officer represents VIS on the board and is their channel for communication. Specific questions regarding the VIS committee and its workings should always be addressed to the Committee Chair or specific Vice-Chair first.

Please contact this officer at any time for assistance by phone, text, or email.  This officer will be delighted to assist you in all financial matters, as we strengthen our service to DAR

Charline Manning


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