2020-2022 ASDAR State Registrar

Nonnie Carroll


I am the new State Registrar, and I am here to help you in any way I can. If I do not know the answer to your question, I will do my best to find out! Doing our best is really all any of us can do! I am also a chapter registrar so I know what you are experiencing as you try to grow your membership.

As has been said before, you have numerous duties related to working with prospective members and keeping up with changes to the existing membership. Your Chapter Bylaws should have more detailed information.

Many resources are available to you on the National members’ website and e-Membership The Registrar General’s webpage contains Genealogy Guidelines 1-3 and Genie Clips, as well as for instructions, forms, and links to video presentations. Genealogy Guidelines 1-3 should be consulted often as you prepare applications and supplementals.  You may subscribe to the Registrar General’s periodic email.  I encourage you to explore these websites.

The Arkansas Society website contains NSDAR links as well as information and links to ASDAR committee chairs.  Several of the ASDAR committees will be very helpful to you as chapter registrar:  The State Application Team (SAT) chair is Charlotte Jeffers, and the team will help develop new member applications and monitor the overall application process.  Christina Twardowski is the ASDAR Lineage Research chair and can assist with “AIR” (Additional Information Required) letters and applications. Cheri Coley is the ASDAR America 250! Membership Task Force chair and the team can assist in preparing a difficult application, answering a pre letter or an AIR letter. Kimberly L Jones is the ASDAR Membership chair and will assist with member recruitment and retention needs.

The NSDAR Genealogy Department has created and maintains the Genealogical Education Programs (GEP).  The GEP courses provide the most complete and up-to-date information on the proper completion and documentation standards required for the verification of applications and member supplementals. The NSDAR Genealogy Department also offers a course in DNA and the DAR and a Registrar Training Course. The member is responsible for the cost of each course.

There is a Facebook page for chapter registrars: DAR Registrars and Members Helping Each Other. You may also join the NSDAR SAT Facebook page: DAR State Application Team. Both will provide helpful tips.

The hours you spend on DAR work can be logged as Service to America

As you can see, many resources are available to assist you as Chapter Registrar. Please reach out to all sources, including me. I hope to hear from you with your comments, questions and/or concerns.

Nonnie Carroll


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