Chapter Info & Deadlines

Chapter Information and Deadlines

Click here for the Chapter Regent’s Manual.


The Arkansas State Society Yearbook is your chapter guide. The chapter recording secretary needs a copy of her own. In fact, all chapter officers and committee chairmen should have one. Read it, study it, and follow it TO THE LETTER. At the front of each yearbook are “Dates to Remember,” “Chapter Responsibilities,” and “Chapter Calendar and Deadlines.” Prepare a chapter calendar and include on it state conference and national conference dates, state and national board of management meetings, deadlines for chapter responsibilities. Copy the calendar for every chapter member with responsibilities listed in the yearbook.

The yearbook and the bylaws published within identify the responsibilities of each chapter officer or chapter committee chairman, the deadlines and dates for those responsibilities, and the state or national officer or chairman to whom you send reports, records, or information as part of your responsibilities. Follow the responsibilities as stated in the front of the yearbook. Once printed, copies of your chapter yearbook are sent to the State Regent, State Roster Chairman, State Registrar, and your District Director.

Be sure that your chapter complies with these responsibilities and deadlines so you can gain the recognition and awards you work so hard to achieve and accomplish.



Send Chapter Yearbooks as soon as printed to:

State Regent
State Vice Regent
State Recording Secretary
State Registrar
State VIS Chair
Your District Director

Send completed Chapter Officer Form to:
Organizing Secretary General
State DAR News Editor
State Regent
State Recording Secretary
VIS Vice Chair – Chapter Webmaster

Chapter Chaplain notifies State Chaplain immediately:
Use Chapter Chaplain’s Report Form, Death of member, Members who
Will reach their 90th birthday within the year, Address changes for members age 90 and over.

Chapter Treasurers to State Treasurer
Send the following (3) Internal Revenue Service REQUIRED reports to the State Treasurer
1. Financial Statement for ASDAR Chapters is to be filed annually with the State Treasurer.
2. 990 N: These reports are due no later than 60 days after the close of the chapter’s fiscal year.
This is a yearly report. NSDAR requires the state treasurer to have a copy of all Form 990N. You will need to access the 990 N through You need to register with them and if you have not, you will be a first time user.
3. Audit Report is to be filed annually at the close of the chapter’s fiscal year with the State Treasurer.

Recording Secretary, Chapters, Clubs, Districts
Names of officers to be added, removed or that remain need to be included in the minutes, as signers of their bank accounts

Chapter, Club, District and Society Parliamentarian to State Parliamentarian:

Send revised Chapter Bylaws anytime they are changed



September 17-23
Observe Constitution Week

October 13
NSDAR Day of Prayer

October 14
*Columbus Day

October 15
Christmas money goes direct to schools, not to State Treasurer

November 1
*Pages who will attend Continental Congress send info (name, address, chapter, birth date, NSDAR #, DC hotel) to State Regent

November 11
Veteran’s Day

November 30
Last day to resign a member 

Before December 1
Chapter Treasurer: Send national, state and district dues.
Must be postmarked no later than December 1
*Chapter Treasurers: All chapter achievement award monies to State
Treasurer by December 1

First Sunday in December
Holiday Open House, Old State House
*Chapter DAR Good Citizen winning essay to state chairman
*Outstanding Junior Contest applications to state chairman

December 15
JAC entries to state chairman
Chapter nomination for Outstanding Teacher in American History to State

December 31
Send Genealogical Records to state chair (not national).
Last Day for Special Projects Grants nominations to National

January Chapter Meeting
Elect delegates and alternates to State Conference, Continental Congress and District Meeting

January 15
Outstanding Junior Member Chapter Candidate Application (Cannot be 36 years of age by this date).
American History Essay Contest– deadline: Local winners to State chair.
Christopher Columbus Essay Contest deadline: Local winners to State chair.
*AR Society DAR Scholarship Applications to State chair.

January 31
Complete your CMR (Chapter Master Report) on e-Membership.

February 1
*Chapter Registrar’s report form to State Registrar
*Names of Pages to State Conference Page Chair.
*DAR Magazine advertisement money to National Office for Chapter/District or state ad in Sep/Oct issue of the newsletter
*Media National Award Nominations to State Chair.

*American Heritage Committee
contest entries to State Chair.

February 15
State Committee Chairs
send report to the South Central Division National Vice-Chairs copy of statistical report to State Regent
* State winning DAR Good Citizen entry DUE to National Division
Vice Chair Frances Crawford Marvin American Indian Scholarship application deadline
*American Indian Scholarship Application due ($1000)

February 28th – NSDAR will drop all members whose dues have not been paid.

March 1
Credentials Forms
returned to Conference Chair,
*Chapter Regent’s Narrative, State Officer, National and State Standing Committee Chair, and District Reports.*
400 words or LESS, Arial font, size 9, single spaced, do not use all caps, e-mail to the State Regent and State Recording Secretary. Also, e-mail Chapter Narrative to your District Director. Prepare oral reports for State Conference according to State Regent’s conference instructions. Email SUBJECT needs to be the report you are sending. Example: Cadron Post Narrative, DAR Project Patriot Chair Report, Insignia Committee Chair Report.*

March 1
Magazine ad notification deadline

March 18-20
State Conference DoubleTree Hotel Little Rock, AR

April 15
Continental Congress Credentials Packets returned to National

May 1
*Chapter Regents send best National Defense Editorial entries to National Defense Chair.

May 7
National Day of Prayer

May 8
VE Day

May 15
List of members planning to attend Continental Congress with hotel and cell phone numbers to State Regent

June 14
Flag Day

July 1
*American Indian Scholarship Application deadline for fall term to Office of Committee
*Ad submission deadline for Sep/Oct issue of National DAR Newsletter

July 4
Independence Day

July 25
State Officers and State Committee Chairmen send SIP (State Information Packet) to State Webmaster

Upon the election of new officers, chapters report results immediately to

the Office of the Organizing Secretary General using the Officer Change
Form or e-Membership.

*Dates are subject to change by NSDAR or ASDAR

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