Jacob Wolf House Norfork Arkansas

Historic Preservation

Throughout the history of DAR, historic preservation has always been one of the main focuses of the mission of the national organization. Arkansas State Society DAR members participate in a wide variety of historic preservation projects as it is crucial to saving our history for future generations. Projects include:


The Arkansas State Society Daughters of the American Revolution support our state’s historic preservation of landmarks and buildings throughout Arkansas. The Old State House houses a DAR Room where members volunteer their time by assisting staff during tours and by providing cookies during the annual Christmas open house.

Arkansas Daughters have placed many historic markers and monuments throughout the state.

In 1926, an Arkansas DAR chapter met at a temporarily dry site to dedicate this stone monument erected at the Louisiana Purchase Initial Survey Point. It is from this point that all land in the Louisiana Purchase, 83,000 miles of wilderness, was mapped.

(Photos courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism)